The International Marketplace Coalition


About The IMC

The International Marketplace Coalition (formally The Lafayette Square Area Coalition) is a nonprofit organization comprised of businesses, engaged citizens and community leaders who encourage economic growth and development on the northwest side of Indianapolis. This area has become a vibrant, diverse community and the world is taking notice.

Our area has been recognized by the New York Times as a place “where the world comes to eat.” The International Marketplace Coalition is embracing the diversity of our community through the help of local civilians and businesses with whom we active work to transform the Lafayette Square area into the International Marketplace.

Our Mission

The International Marketplace Coalition exists to promote the revitalization of the Lafayette Square area by creating an environment conducive to sustainable economic development for the benefit of this community, the city of Indianapolis, and the region.

Our Vision

To facilitate the creation of the Lafayette Square area as a vibrant, economically strong, multi-use international community in the city of Indianapolis where everyone has the opportunity to experience and learn about other cultures.

Shrinking the Globe and Creating a Village

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