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North America has been populated for thousands of years. Initially, nomadic tribes settled in more hospitable regions, living in caves or tents. Evidence of such early civilizations is seen in petroglyphs, or rock carvings. Recently, petroglyphs in Nevada were dated to 14,800 years old. They depict abstract symbols like diamonds and squares, but also involve naturalistic scenes like trees and flowers. Petroglyphs give historical evidence of the first peopling of North America. Here are some rocks with petroglyphs, broken apart over centuries, but still clearly bearing markings of the early artist’s chisel such as a scale-like pattern.

The modern artistic era in North America has been one of the most diverse in the world. Over the years, cultures from every part of the Earth have immigrated to North America and brought with them their unique styles and flavors. The Canadian region has been largely influenced by French and Middle Eastern cultures, and the United States is famous for being a microcosm of our varied world. Here, we will highlight a few artistic movements of the modern era, keeping in mind that a comprehensive analysis of modern art would fill books.

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Daniel Del Real


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