How You Can Support the International Marketplace with #IMIndy

During this unprecedented time, International Marketplace businesses need us now more than ever. With statewide social distancing restrictions and closures of non-essential businesses, significant hardships are being placed on our local businesses. Now is the time to support the International Marketplace.

As a community supporter, we wanted to share with you some ways to help you support #IMIndy:

  1. Share social media posts from your favorite International Marketplace businesses, use these graphics we created or post some of your favorite memories. Remember to use the hashtag #IMIndy.
  2. Leave a positive review online.
  3. Purchase a gift card or branded items such as a t-shirt.
  4. Buy items offered online. Before you order from a large retailer online, visit the website of a comparable local company.
  5. Order delivery or carry out. For the latest list of restaurants offering delivery and carry out visit this website.
  6. Volunteer your time. If you have a specific skill set such as graphic design, consider donating your services to a local business.
  7. Download and use these #IMIndy graphics during your Zoom meetings. Here are instructions on how to add a custom background image to Zoom.
  8. Add our custom #IMIndy Facebook profile picture frame. Here are instructions on how to add the frame to your profile.
  9. Let us know about positive things people in the community are doing by sharing with us via this brief form.
  10. Take a break and complete one of these International Marketplace-themed puzzles.
  11. Reschedule, instead of canceling appointments.
  12. Say thank you to essential business employees. People are working tirelessly to restock shelves, care for others and so much more.

Thank you for working together to support the International Marketplace. Please let us know if there are other ideas you have to support the #IMIndy campaign.


Mary Clark

Executive Director, International Marketplace

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