Thai Town Cuisine opens doors

The smell of incense intermingled with the scent of authentic Thai recipes as the newly opened branch of Thai Town Cuisine prepared to open its doors to the public early on Sept. 9. The event took place in the presence of three Buddhist monks, each of whom were invited to the restaurant to perform a traditional blessing of the new establishment.

During the ceremony, owners, guests and observers joined around a table where the monks led a prayer for the restaurant’s prosperity. Directly following, attendees were treated to a taste of authentic recipes that Thai Town Cuisine will soon serve in the west side community, including coconut soup, curry and, as a token of appreciation to the establishment’s first guests, a traditional northern Thai specialty made with pork and cilantro.

Satays, dumplings, spicy salads, stir fry and more are staples of Thai cuisine offered at the new restaurant. A full menu of appetizers, entrees and desserts can be found on the Thai Town Cuisine website.

A ribbon cutting followed the meal, symbolizing the opening of the restaurant to the public. Within minutes, customers began trickling in, eyeing the ornate hand-sewn scarves and purses for purchase outside of the dining room and vibrant cultural decor.

Featuring a variety of dishes in a family owned and operated restaurant, Thai Town Cuisine promises to be an integral part of the International Marketplace Coalition’s goal of “shrinking the globe and creating a village” in the Lafayette Square area.

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